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About This Site

I originally created this site to add more of my free things that I didn't necessarily want to put on my site.
Things like Templates, Odd tubes etc and to point people in the right direction to things. 

I then decided to open a store for PTU scrapkits etc, but wanted to keep it entirely away from my FTU items.   So I linked to the area set up for that.  I've now closed the store but still have Tropikal Designz blog.

I now use this blog to display the wonderful cards that cardmakers have made using my designs
Some are made by CUP designers and others are cards made by friends or other cardmakers. 
Hopefully soon I will also be able to add cards made from customers at the new site I'm selling on at The Designer Twins.

At the moment, all the new designs that I put up at CUP are on the Tropikal Designz blog.
And soon designs from The Designer Twins will also be added.

I am however seriously considering (now I've discovered how to make pages on this blog) moving things
all over to the one blog.   Real life gets in the way and time just runs faster than I can so trying to maintain 2 blogs up to date isn't something I do these days!!!!   But we'll see what happens.  Lets see if this page works first lol