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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have decided to create this blog site (although I hate the concept because I can never find things on them lol) to actually be an 'extra' to my poser tube and scrapkit websites.

'Who' I am doesn't really matter........those that it does matter too will know 'who' I am!! But you can always try your luck and ask me if you have any questions!!

On here we will offer 'extras' like templates and maybe the odd exclusive item to enhance things
found in my Yuku forum PSP~4~Everyone.

Our forum at Yuku is a wonderful 'family'...headed by myself as the Owner/Admin and complimented by 2 wonderful people who keep the place alive. Pypper, who not only is
my Admin now after joining us in our old MSN group, but also a very good friend, and Fuzzy,
who has only just joined us recently but is also now a true and trusted friend also.

Our Forum has something for everyone.......whether you do PSP or Poser/DAZ or not.
We have quite a few members who just stay with us for the company!!
A lot have lost their mojo with MSN 'dumping' us, so they stick round too till their mojo
finds its way home.
We have weekly challenges, our 3 part 'static' Challenge (no time limit to complete this one!), Mini challenges, hundreds of tuts from both our members or from around the net.
We offer exclusive tubes, scrapkit items for our active members too!!

As for me.......well I have my Poser tube site and also my scrapkit site is accessible via that too.
I love being able to provide FREE items for the PSP world. With the economic climate today I have 'issues' with people having to purchase items for what they do as enjoyment and a hobby for which they do not get paid for. But thats a whole different story which now I have a blog I may write about one day!!

So if you find this blog, please come back from time to time and see whats going on...........or come and join us at our yuku site.....then you'll know exactly when theres new items been added here!!

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