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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Couple walking along the beach

Both of these pieces of art were inspired by the wonderful artist Susan Rios.

Her work has been admired by me for years, and when some of her work turned up on a site illegally sharing her work (along with other artists work), I thought maybe I could do something along the lines of some of her work.

They are a long long way off being anywhere near the quality but if people are happy to use them then that will make me happy.

These 2 cards were made up by Joyce Watson and I think she's done a wonderful job with them.

Thank you Joyce, they look gorgeous!!

Those who know my work know that I do not, have not, and ever will, sell my tubes, nor do I allow a profit to be made from any of the items on my website. However, I have for sale in the Original Art section of the Designer Rescources on CUP, both of these 'tubes'.

**Please note: CUP is the ONLY place where these will be available for purchase. So if they turn up on another site somewhere, or someone 'shares' with you..........then you have obtained the tubes illegally. Be warned!!.

For those who go and legally purchase them, you can use them in a derivitive work, such as part of a card design and then sell that card. Do not offer them 'as is' in kits or as a Designer Rescource either for free or for sale.

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