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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well I prove my point!!!!

Those of you who know me know that I hate being pressured into to doing things, I like things to be fair for everyone and not bullied into things.

Well for weeks now I've not been able to see the followers pics.
Have been to the Blogger help pages and to everyone who has been having problems
we've been told.............get Chrome.

Well sorry I wont get it just because Google can't figure out how to make things work in ALL Browsers. I've had post removed because I put it to them that its bullying people into supporting a Google product. Blogger is Google.

Today I again tried to get into a forum that I used to be able to get into.
Couldn't figure out why ......the forum owner was as puzzled as I am.

So this morning hubby tried Chrome...........guess what..........he could sign into the forum!!!
He could see the followers on my Blog!!!!!!

So I have very RELUCTANTLY now got Chrome and guess what.......things work on my computer too!!

This is so very wrong making people get things because a site will only work on certain browsers. I know AOL have had this for years and we wouldn't touch them with a 40ft barge pole!!! Never!!!

So to you really are disgusting.......pick your act up so things work with ALL browsers. I rest my case!!!!!

Sorry for the vent people.........but just makes me mad no matter what it is when the big grubs force people to give in to their preferences/products. Whatever happened to FREEDOM to choose for ourselves what we want???!!!!

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