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Saturday, January 7, 2012


These were made by Rae Trees.......Thanks Rae

These fun cards/hats could be used as Birthday cards ……just add a stick on Birthday text to the front OR they could be used as Invitations to a Birthday Party OR they could be simply printed and made up as fun hats for parties. Something that is definitely worth keeping as a Keepsake. Little girls might like the tiaras or the kitty/animal designs and the boys might like the police or fire designs or even the pirate designs. Theme them to your parties…ie Little Masterchef Party or Animals Party, Little Princess Party etcOf course they could also be used for adults!! Nurse, police……use your imagination and have fun with these. Check them all out!!There is a tutorial in the Forums in the tutorial section as well as a episode of CUPT V relating to these as well will be available soon.

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