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Friday, October 16, 2009

About our PSP Forum

Tired of seeing the same half naked, bimbos on every tag someone makes?
(No!... not everyone likes it)
Well come join us at PSP~4~Everyone.
We support and welcome Free to Use artists, who seem to prefer more clothes
on their work than the PTU artists do.

There is no pressure on you to use PTU artists, in fact we prefer and support
Free To Use artists. Don't get me wrong...PTU artists do some awesome work
and I do like thier work too......but not everyone has the funds to purchase tubes
and scrapkits.

So if you want to make some wonderful friendships, have a good chat, and
enjoy looking at a variety of artists, then why not come and join us.
Theres lots to do .....something for everyone.....whether you PSP or not!!

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