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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Long overdue Update!!

Gee its been quite a while since I've updated this.
But I've had a new venture come into view so have been busy
trying to get that off the ground. More will be revealed
in the not too distant future.

But with the store items not exactly making a million bucks for me
I seem to have lost a bit of interest in making things for it.
Really is disheartening when you spend weeks making things and
no one wants them.

But never mind........I'll find something else to do lol......Well I have

Anyway, I'll get some more freebie templates done up and posted
here soon.

Hope every one had a great Easter. Gee this year is flying by isn't it?

Been following Jessica Watson's journey. So many doubting thomas's
and I have to admit as a parent I severely had reservations about
whether she was doing the right thing..........Well Jess sailed back into
Australian waters yesterday, so not long to go now till she sails back
into Sydney Harbour. I think they are estimating first week of May.
Welcome home Jess!!

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