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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jessica very gutzy young lady!!!

Woohoo.....young Jess Watson has sailed round the bottom of Tasmania and is now heading north toward Sydney........and home.

As parent I don't think I'd have let my 16 yr old do it, but this young lady has proved all her critics wrong. Reading her blogs she's sounds years older than she is and her positive outlook on things has been truly inspirational.

She's literally been knocked down, time and time again yet her Little Pink Lady and her have done the most amazing adventure. The time she's been out there has just flown. Makes one really wonder if the world is really such a big place. She seems to have zipped around it in no time.

Her 'rival' Abby Sunderland from the US wont get to take Jessicas record as she's had to pull in to Cape Town for repairs to her auto pilots. She may still get the youngest to sail around the world but she wont get the unassisted and nonstop records........that all belongs to Aussies Jess!!

And for the yanks who are now trying to find something to not let Jessica get any record....go bite ya ass!! Apparently some are claiming because she got weather reports and help over the radio to fix things, that thats 'assistance'. If that is the case then Abby Sunderland was doomed from the getgo!! Because she also got help to try and fix things over the radio and weather reports.

Bring it home Jess..........a country is waiting for you to sail into Sydney Harbour!!

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