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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well the day we took our granddaughter back down to Brisbane, our little grandson was re admitted back to hospital with high temp/infection. He'd been home for a couple of days and seemed to be going well.

We got home and let son know we'd arrived home OK and got a text back telling us they'd taken Zac back to hospital. From that point life just became one major stress.

We have a big pen where we keep our kittys locked up at night and when we aren't home. They aren't straying and we have foxes around so at least we know they are away from harm and safe. I went out to check them and feed them and found one of our gorgeous kittys not moving and in fact he didn't move when I called him and I thought at that point he was dead. When I went in he did get up but I knew he wasn't right. He didn't want dinner so I gave him his pill that he has morning and night and by Sunday he seemed better.

Monday: Horry wasn't well again and I knew that taking him to the vets was not going to be a good outcome. Also we had another kitty that we have known he was going downhill fast as he was finding it harder to walk and had begun having seizures. So with a very heavy heart we took them to the vet and they were both put to sleep. Boots was 12 yrs old and I'd kind of accepted that this was what had to be done. Horry on the other hand was only 8 yrs old. But this was his 2nd bout of FLUTD in 5 months so things were only going to keep happening as he got older. This time the struvite crystals had blocked his bladder totally and his kidneys had shut down so I had to do what was the kindest thing for him. My heart is broken.....I so miss my boys. Was very hard to do but I know over the Rainbow Bridge they'll never be in pain again now.

Then we get a call to say Zac is going back into surgery that afternoon to clean out the infection.
We are hoping now that he will recover fully but its a slow process. He'll be in hospital for a while yet. The antibiotics need to be done through an IV so untill the course is done, and I guess they wait to see how he goes when they are finished.

So not had a chance to update new cards on here.......but.....the loss of my babies has inspired me to make some Pet Loss'll find them on my pages HERE.
Plus by clicking to look you'll earn me a whole 2p (UK) so that would be appreciated.
That money goes into purchasing more things to help me keep designing.

Hopefully next week will be more 'normal' and I'll get the cards up in here.

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