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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will be a little longer than predicted!!

I will put some previews of cards made from my designs.....but it wont be till next week.

Grandson has been in hospital, so we went down to see him on Sunday and came back with our granddaughter for a week.
So she gets my undivided attention this week lol.

We didn't think we would get down because of the flooding and highway closures but finally a 'dry spell' and we took the opportunity and took off early Sunday morning.

Been a worrying time with our grandson....4yr old and his appendix burst so he's been a very sick little boy. I'm happy to say though now he is at home with Dad and Jess.
At least he'll be quiet and rest while his sister is up here and can go on recovering quietly.

Shame he couldn't come up but we go the granddaughter so better than not seeing either.
She loves helping her Nanny make up cards, so we are having fun!!


  1. Will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe .